Most dog owners mistakenly believe that training their new dog or puppy would be easy. But it requires experience that many first-time owners often lack. As a result, many dog owners are often frustrated and disgruntled when their new canine friends won’t stop jumping on their couches or nipping at their heels.

Prolonged frustration leads dog owners to seek a K9 training service. Unfortunately, most pet training programs require owners to drop off and pick up their beloved pets from a training facility. It can be challenging for most owners, especially if they must commute to and from work.

Reliable Dog Training Services in Omaha

That’s where we come in. Our pet training services differ from others because they’re geared toward your convenience and comfort. K9 Obedience & Protection School offers numerous dog and puppy training services to dog owners in Omaha. Our experienced and professional dog trainers provide in-home dog training, meaning they’ll come to your home and train your dog in the familiarity of your home. Such a training program has several benefits. Firstly, it provides dog owners with comfort and convenience and helps them save time.

However, more importantly, an in-home training program ensures that your dog gets trained in familiar surroundings. As a result, they don’t need an adaptation period once their training finishes.

Therefore, we can help you with training your dog. Whether your dog needs to unlearn bad behaviors, like barking and biting, or needs to be trained for social situations, we’ve got you covered. We also have a protection training program for dog owners looking to train their dogs to watch over their homes.

Get an Effective Training Program in the Comfort and Convenience of your own home

Obedience Training

Prepare your dog for social situations it may encounter throughout its life.

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Behavioral Training

Help your dog unlearn bad behaviors, such as biting, excessive barking, and more.

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Protection Training

Your dog can be trained to be perfect protector of your family and business. Our trainers have trained thousands of dogs and we offer a lifetime warranty with all of our training.

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Head Trainer ‘Deacon Pickett’

If you’re looking to hire a dog trainer in Omaha, consider K9 Obedience & Protection School. Our dog training program will fix your canine friend’s behavior.