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Our dog training school specializes in behavior modification. Within your very first class, we will teach your dog to not jump on people or furniture, chew, bite, and be housebroken.

  • Make Your Dogs Friendly & Social

    Training your dogs to respond and behave in social environments is important – our trainers can assist!
  • Teach Better Control of Commands

  • Get a Lifetime Training Warranty

Training with Care!

The experience of having a dog can be enriching, making every moment worthwhile. However, many dog owners become disheartened when they realize their dogs are not naturally well-behaved and obedient. Jumping on your friends and not listening to you are a few traits of disobedient dogs. Let us help you train them to perfection.

K9 Obedience & Protection School helps you train your dogs in the comfort of your homes. We cater to your schedule times and training days may vary from class to class. Training plays a vital role in your dog’s development and ability to interact with their environment safely. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be at your service.

Offering a Positive & Healthy Training Experience

Get an Effective Training Program in the Comfort and Convenience of your own home

Obedience Training

Prepare your dog for social situations it may encounter throughout its life.

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Behavioral Training

Help your dog unlearn bad behaviors, such as biting, excessive barking, and more.

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Protection Training

Your dog can be trained to be perfect protector of your family and business. Our trainers have trained thousands of dogs and we offer a lifetime warranty with all of our training.

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Why K9 Obedience & Protection School

Our local dog trainers have years of experience helping dog owners enhance the quality of their dog’s life. We train your dogs in the comfort of your homes to help them train in a comfortable environment.

  • Affordable Services
  • Lifetime training warranty
  • Thousands of dogs Trained
  • Professional & Experienced dog trainers
  • Life time Warranty with unlimited classes
  • We work around your schedule

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Head Trainer ‘Deacon Pickett’

If you’re looking to hire a dog trainer in Omaha, consider K9 Obedience & Protection School. Our dog training program will fix your canine friend’s behavior.

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