Protection Training

Train Your Dogs to Be Good Guards & Protectors!

Dogs are born courageous – they become suspicious of strangers quickly due to their strong senses. Let K9 Obedience & Protection School help you teach them to be skilled protectors. Our trainers are highly-professional, using effective practices and techniques to teach your dogs to better protect you and your family. We offer a customized dog protection training program to train your dog to repel intruders or attackers by verbal command or when they sense a threat to themselves. We can also train your dog to release and guard people when commanded to do so.

We have years of experience training dogs to become good guards and protectors. Our trainers have trained thousands of dogs, offering 100% satisfaction to their owners.
From teaching your dog to bark at the approach of a stranger to helping them respond to basic obedience commands, we can assist. We’re just a call away – contact us today to train your dog in your own home in Omaha with our lifetime warranty.

A protection dog needs to be well-behaved and confident but not aggressive. It should be able to detect its owner’s every move while keeping an eye out for suspects – let us assist. Our protection training program ensures your dog is entirely trained on-leash and off-leash obedience for complete control. We have trained thousands of dogs to turn
them into great guards and protectors. Our protection training can teach your dog how to:
• Defend you in situations of danger
• Identify specific scents or odors
• Respond to command
• Personal protection