Obedience Training

Teach Your Dog Good Etiquettes!

Training your dog to be more obedient can be a bit challenging, especially if you’re a new dog owner. Obedience training requires patience, diligence, and consistency where simple commands like “sit,” “come,” and “leave” can go a long way, in making your dog
behave properly. Let K9 Obedience School assist. Our trainers come to your home to help your dog become more obedient.

We have been helping Omaha dog owners with dog obedience training since 1979, offering a lifetime warranty. Whether your dog comes from a rescue facility or has a health or mental condition, we can create a personalized training program to address their needs. From
teaching basic commands to using positive reinforcement, we use effective practices to make your dog more obedient.

You can’t expect dogs to follow the rules if they don’t know what the rules are – that’s when obedience training can assist. Our obedience training program focuses on
teaching your dog the basic commands, good behaviors, and how to be more social.
The next time you tell your dog not to bite someone or bark unnecessarily, it’ll listen and obey instead of overlooking it.

• Manage your dog better when it encounters different situations
• Create a better bond with your dog
• Let your dog know who’s in-charge
• Help them become more social