About Us

Professional Dog Trainers Since 1979!

Prevent your dog from attacking or biting others and have peace of mind with our lifetime warranty.. We offer obedience and protection training in the comfort of your home to help your dog overcome fear and aggression. Without proper training, your dog will simply not know how to behave. That’s why our professional trainers help you correct misbehavior to enhance your dog’s quality of life and make your dog happier.

  • Make Your Dogs Friendly & Social

    Training your dogs to respond and behave in social environments is important – our trainers can assist!
  • Teach Better Control of Commands

  • Get a Lifetime Training Warranty

Our Mission

K9 Obedience & Protection School is committed to providing a positive training experience to both the dogs and dog owners in the comfort of their homes. We use highly-effective training practices and methods to enhance your dog’s quality of life. By customizing training programs as per your dog’s behavioral requirements, we ensure you get peace of mind

Over the years, we have trained thousands of dogs. From lifetime training warranty to affordability, you can rest assured knowing professional trainers are helping your dog become more obedient.

Head Trainer ‘Deacon Pickett’

If you’re looking to hire a dog trainer in Omaha, consider K9 Obedience & Protection School. Our dog training program will fix your canine friend’s behavior.