Behavioral Training

Help Your Dog Unlearn Bad Behaviors

Do you notice your dog misbehaving or unnecessarily barking when you take it out for a walk? Does your dog jump over to new people in an attempt to bite them? Let K9 Obedience School assist. Our behavioral training focuses on helping your dog unlearn bad behaviors, such as digging, unnecessary barking, biting, and more. No matter the behavior problems, we can address them all!

Our highly professional trainers have been training dogs with behavioral problems, turning them into well-behaved canines. Our dog behavioral training program focuses on rewarding good behavior and redirecting unwanted behavior to set clear boundaries and communication between you and your dog. We can help you train your dog how to display a positive or desired behavior even in situations where you’re not there to give a verbal command. Let us help you modify their behavior and help them learn what they should and should not do in any situation. Contact us if you live in Omaha and are looking to help your dog unlearn bad behaviors.

Common behaviors like jumping and licking are frustrating for humans but normal for dogs – that’s when training them to behave in a certain way can help. We have helped hundreds of dogs from different breeds adopt positive behavioral patterns. Behavioral training allows your dog to respond to different situations without requiring verbal commands.

• Teach your dog to become more well-behaved
• Take your dog to social gatherings without dreading behavioral concerns
• Help your dog feel more secure
• Get rid of biting, chewing, digging, and excessive barking habits